Mondays at 6pm

Wednesdays at 10.30am

What is Strength & Tone?

This programme is designed to focus on building a small amount of muscle whilst stripping fat.


It is aimed at all muscle groups to strengthen muscles and joints to give the body the ability to maintain correct posture and alignment, therefore giving the body a toned effect.

Not only does this programme benefit fat loss, there are several huge benefits that Strength & Tone can offer.

  • Improved posture – the reduction of ‘tech neck’ that most of us are prone to sitting at computers all day and walking around looking at our phones. Pick up your phone and look at it and then think about your posture. Rounded shoulders, shortening of various neck and shoulder muscles and pressure on spinal discs just to mention a few.

  • Improved upper body strength – the programme is designed to build various upper body muscles. This will help to relieve every day upper body tension and allow the muscles that hold the head and neck to strengthen. Resulting in less tension knots around the shoulder region.

  • Improved core stability – This unique programme incorporates resistance training on the mini trampolines challenging the core/trunk whilst carrying out exercises on an unstable environment. This results in correct alignment of the spine.

  • Improved mind to body connection - This programme will enhance client’s ability to be more body aware and focus on muscle contraction.

  • Improved confidence and sense of well-being – The programme has enabled clients to feel a greater sense of confidence. Through the physical benefits clients have acknowledged that they ‘walk taller’ giving the overall appearance of the feel-good factor.

  • Improved cardio vascular system – This programme overtime will reduce resting heart rate and increase cardiac output resulting in a more efficient aerobic system.

  • Less risk of injuries - As the ageing process takes place, muscle mass deteriorates resulting in a lower and weaker muscular system. Research shows that resistance training combats muscle loss. This programme focuses on all muscle groups in overall body workout.

  • Improved bone density - Research has shown that weight bearing exercises improves bone density which can prolong the onset of bone related diseases.


  • A unique Buckle & Velcro Fastening System – No Sizing Issues and No reason to be frustrated pulling uncomfortable bands up into position and watching them roll and bunch-up once you start using them. Our extra secure fastening Velcro & Buckle allow for quick and easy positioning – allowing you to maximise your workout!

  • Not Just Bands – Boogie Bands is a whole programme with new routines every month – with our classic Dancy, Fun, Fab and Funky twist on exercise routines. (Boogie Bounce Trampoline NOT required).

  • Wide Non-Slip Fabric material – Made to be strong and durable, while being comfortable and importantly non-rolling so you can be confident your bands won’t move while your exercising!

  • Trusted UK Company Company – BOOGIE BOUNCE have years of experience in the fitness industry and they take pride in their excellent customer service and ability to help customers achieve their goals. So why not Squat, Dance & Strut your way to a peachy bottom and a toned body with Boogie Bands!

Why These Bands?

Traditional Loop Resistance Bands can be challenging and uncomfortable to get into the correct position for your exercises – especially at harder resistance levels. Many people find battling with their fitness equipment frustrating and a waste of time – this is the problem BOOGIE BOUNCE wanted to resolve!

Boogie Bands Buckle & Velcro System make our bands extremely quick and easy to pop on and start using. There is no need to squeeze your legs together and uncomfortably force your bands up to where they need to be to perform your exercises. The double security of strong Velcro and a purpose-built buckle in addition to the non-roll fabric material means this is never a problem.

Each of the 3 Resistance Levels are built into the bands – they are NOT just different lengths. This gives you the opportunity for progression as well as allowing for a wide range of exercises and movements.