Will I wet myself?

It might not surprise you to hear that this is one of the first things most ladies say to us before they try Boogie Bounce. Rest assured, it's unlikely that you will wet yourself... but if you are concerned, we're always prepared for any eventuality, and have a complete stock of pantyliners in the toilet!

What's the maximum weight limit of the trampoline?

Our trampolines are designed to withstand the high intensity of the Boogie Bounce routines, and can comfortably take weight of up to 25 stone.

Do I have to be fit to take part?

No! All classes are designed to help you get fit while having fun. The routines are carefully choreographed so that just about everyone can take part and gain impressive results. All of our classes can be tailored to every ability, so we guarantee you'll be able to join in whichever session you book onto.

What should I wear?

For ladies, the best thing to wear is leggings, sports bra, and a loose t-shirt. For men, leggings or shorts and a loose t-shirt. You'll need either non-slip socks or bare feet to bounce. We sell Boogie Bounce socks in our online shop for just £4 a pair. Please also bring a bottle of water and a small hand towel.

Do I need to be co-ordinated to do POUND?

We're not going to lie... you do need some hand-eye coordination, but it's nothing to worry about. The Ripstix provide what's called an audio-muscular connection, which means they hear what you're muscles are doing. This drastically improves, rhythm, timing, coordination, and musicality.

What are Ripstix?

Ripstix are lightly weighted drumsticks designed to intensify the workout of your shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and back in POUND. They only weigh 1/4lb each, but it's enough to throw the body off balance, which in turn, creates contraction in the core and stabilisation system. We provide everyone with a of Ripstix, so you don't need to buy/bring your own.

Do I need to be able to dance?

No! The routines are deliberately choreographed to make them easy-to-follow. Don't worry about getting the steps wrong, just come along and enjoy it!

Where can I buy merchandise?

Our online shop!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, of course. The more the merrier!

I can't hula hoop!

Yes, you can! We believe that every single person can hula hoop when they've got the right hoop and the right instructor. Come along on a Saturday and try it for yourself.

Do I need my own hoop?

No, we have a wide selection of fitness and dance hoops at the studio. They come either weighted and non-weighted, and in a variety of sizes, so it's best to try them out to find one that suits you. We find that most people do prefer to have their own hoop once they've found the right one for them, but it's not essential. If you would like to buy one, we sell them in our online shop from as little as £21.50.

What size hoop do I need?

As everyone is different, what works for one person won't work for the next. Don't give up hooping because you have the wrong hoop. Come along for a session and we'll find the perfect fit.