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Terms and Conditions


Please refer to the timetable for further details, but all classes must be paid for online at time of booking (we do not allow 'unpaid' bookings), either on a pay-as-you-go rate or you can choose a block booking or monthly membership.

Pricing Options

1. PAYG (adult and child): payment simply for the one class you wish to attend. 

2. Rolling Monthly Membership (Desire, Aspire, Perspire & Inspire: adult class use only): a monthly autopay package and allows you to attend either limited number of classes, up to one month after each monthly purchase. You are simply charged month to month and can cancel whenever you don't need it anymore. Monthly membership prices are calculated based on 44 weeks to allow for 8 weeks of holiday or cancellations. Subject to the terms of the individual contract so please read these terms carefully when you sign up. Once the contract is set up, the contract T&C's with the client name and date of contract agreement is stored in the client's account for future reference.


MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATIONS: If you wish to cancel your contract, you must give us 28 days’ notice via your online membership account. Cancellations will not be accepted in person, over the phone or through our social media channels.



Customer Accounts

All members are required to manage their own accounts, including joining on-line or in person at the studio and filling in correctly all the required details, such as name, address, valid and current email address, mobile contact number, correct date of birth.


It is strongly recommended that you opt-in to auto-emails on your member account so that you receive notifications about bookings, especially if you gain a place after being on the waiting list. We will not credit payments to member accounts who have removed their email addresses and have chosen to not be alerted to their bookings, and subsequently missed their class. It is the members responsibility to be aware of and manage their bookings and adhere to our Booking and Cancellation Policy.


We do not allow multiple bookings for the same class under one person's account. Account holders are not permitted to share their account or membership with anyone else. For safeguarding, health & safety and insurance purposes we must have a record for each person that attends classes with their own account so that we ensure we have correct health information for each individual and emergency contact information. Parents are not permitted to book their children under their own accounts but must create a family account.


Waiver and Health Questionnaire

We require all members to read and sign the Waiver when creating their accounts and to also fill out a Health Questionnaire before their first class. There may be additional waivers for certain specialist classes. The Health Questionnaire must be filled out in full, together with all health information and emergency contact information. If a member’s health changes, they must inform Aspire Fitness Studio and fill out a new form.


We have a specific guide and policy for any members who are pregnant or have recently had a baby: Pre/Post Natal Policy 


Group exercise classes and any other activities with Aspire Fitness Studio and its instructors may involve strenuous physical activity, including but not limited to, interval training, muscular strength, endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and aerobic training.


To take part in a class or any other activity at Aspire Fitness Studio, participants should be in good medical condition and not suffer from any known disability or condition that would prevent or limit participation. Enrolment and participation in any activity at Aspire Fitness Studio is voluntary and in no way mandated by Aspire Fitness Studio. The Aspire Fitness Health Questionnaire and Informed Consent Waiver must be filled out before commencing any activity with Aspire Fitness Studio and its instructors. This shall be completed with honest answers to the best of the participants knowledge. If there is any change to the participants health (including pregnancy) in the future, then the participant shall inform Aspire Fitness Studio immediately and complete a new questionnaire with the details and seek further advice from a medical professional where necessary. Aspire Fitness Studio and its instructors reserve the right to prevent a participant from joining any activity if it is believed that they are not able to safely participate without further advice and written permission from a medical professional.


Participation in the class therefore is on the understanding that if any injuries occur as a result of attendance, Aspire Fitness Studio and its instructors are released from any liability now or in the future for any injuries or conditions that may be obtained from participation.


By creating a booking account with Aspire Fitness Studio and reading this text, participants agree to this Liability Release.


Booking and Cancellation Policy


From our timetable page, click through to create an account and book the classes you want. You will need to make payment at time of booking on either a PAYG basis or you can purchase a Monthly Membership. If classes are full we do operate a waiting list. If you book yourself onto the waiting list, please check your emails for notification of a space. If you fail to check your emails and turn up for your space, then you will lose your payment for class. We can create accounts, but it is far easier for you to go online especially if we are very busy at reception!



We operate a strict cancellation policy as classes are very popular. You must cancel your booking on your online account no later than 12hrs before the scheduled start time or you will lose your payment or be charged a fine. Please respect this and have consideration for other members so they can book into your space. We understand that things pop up in everyday life that can suddenly change your plans, but please cancel your space as soon as you know if you cannot make it. WE DO NOT ACCEPT BOOKINGS OR CANCELLATIONS OVER THE PHONE OR EMAIL as these may not be picked up in time.



No problem! For those of you who paid in advance either on PAYG rate then your payment shall be credited back to your booking account to use for a future class. We do not issue refunds. If you have a membership, then you are cancelled with no further charge.



Payment will not be credited, and payment is lost. When you book for your classes, this policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions.



Payment must be made in full at the time of booking to secure the slot. We operate a 12hr cancellation policy for these bookings as well. If you cancel more than 12hrs before the booking, you will receive a credit onto your booking account to re-book for a future date. We do not issue refunds. If you cancel less than 12hrs before the booking, the payment will not be credited to your booking account and payment is lost.



Payment must be made in full at the time of booking for the minimum party package price. Any additional guests for the party must be paid for before the start of the party. If the party is cancelled more than 7 days in advance of the chosen date, then you can either transfer to a new date for free or cancel and receive a refund for the amount paid minus a £50.00 admin fee, If the party is cancelled less than 7 days in advance of the party, then we will not issue any refund, but you can transfer to another date for a £50.00 admin fee. If you do not contact us to arrange a transfer of your booking by the date of the original party, then the payment is lost.



We operate waiting lists for all classes on our timetable if the class if full. All members must have a valid payment option available to secure their space on the waiting list. If you get a space in the class, Aspire Fitness Studio will send an automatic email update to inform you. Please note that the 12hr cancellation policy will automatically apply as soon as you gain a space off the waiting list, so if you receive a space in class less than 12hrs before the class start time and fail to turn up then you will be charged. If you know that you can no longer make it, please remove yourself from the waiting list to avoid gaining a space and being subsequently charged if you then cannot make it. The booking system works on the assumption that if you are on the list, you are still available to attend.


If you unfortunately do not gain a space in class, any payments made via drop-in rate or a block booking or monthly membership for your wait-list space will be automatically credited back to your member account to use for a future booking instead.


Communicating with the studio

Please note that all changes to bookings must be made on your online account only and is the members responsibility. We cannot accept cancellations or changes to booking via phone, text or email as these messages may not be picked up in time whilst we are teaching in the studio and you risk us not receiving the cancellation notification in time. Please only contact us via phone or the studio email address if you have extreme difficulty in accessing your online account. Please do not contact staff members through social media or their direct phone number for any enquiries regarding your account or the studio as they are not always available or able to help. For us to deal with your enquiry effectively, your questions will only be answered if you contact Aspire Fitness Studio directly via phone or email to


If you have a Rolling Monthly Membership and are changing banks or if your card is due to expire, you must update your card details on your account immediately. If this does not occur, we shall suspend your account and you will no longer be able to book or attend classes until the new details are stored. A £10 late fee will apply if the member fails to provide a valid credit card or debit card information within 7 calendar days of the original rejection date. The membership will be deactivated if the monthly account payment becomes more than 30 calendar days late and Aspire Fitness Studio will take further steps, including (but not limited to) legal action to claim the fees due as per the Contract Agreement terms.


General Terms & Conditions

  • You must include a current and valid email address on your account. Please advise us if your email address or home address changes, and if your surname changes through marriage. Aspire Fitness Studio reserves the right to store your card details on your member account, and you authorise Aspire Fitness Studio to take payment for any 'unpaid' class bookings. If you do not wish payment to be automatically taken for 'unpaid' bookings, then please cancel your space instead as it is against our booking policy to have 'unpaid' class reservations on member accounts.

  • Any under 16 year olds must have an account created and operated by a parent or carer and must be accompanied by an adult to any adult classes they attend. Exceptions to this are for specific children's classes as the instructor will be DBS checked. Parents may stay on site if they wish, but we ask if they could remain in the reception area for the duration of the class. Parents must not book children into classes under their own name but must create a Family Account.

  • Aspire Fitness Studio reserves the right to refuse entry to any members who turn up late to class and miss the warm-up. This is for members Health & Safety, to respect other members who have arrived on time and not disrupt the flow of the class. Members must stay for the full duration of the class so that they are safely cooled-down at the end. If a member is unwell or needs to leave early, they must speak to a member of the Aspire team who will advise on next steps, and record the member leaving early from class in the studio's Incident Book.

  • Members are expected to wear appropriate clothing for working out in classes, especially the correct footwear (non-slip socks, trainers or sports shoes). Items such as jeans and flip-flops or clothing that could catch on equipment are not acceptable items of apparel, as they could pose a health and safety risk. Instructors and the Aspire Fitness Studio Team have the discretionary power to ask members wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear to leave the studio.

  • Opening hours, access, and the timetable are subject to change.

  • Aspire Fitness Studio does not offer refunds for PAYG class bookings, class passes or membership fees. All pricing options remain available on customers’ accounts to use as credit on their accounts, subject to any expiry dates (use it or lose it).

  • If a member has a purchased a membership and they have a medical reason they are unable to attend classes, they MUST inform us in writing, together with a letter from a doctor/nurse/health practitioner BEFORE the expiry date of their pricing option. Aspire Fitness retains the right to normally not apply an extended expiry to a pricing option, however will consider each request for extension due to medical reasons on a case-by case basis.

  • If you make a payment using someone else’s bank account or credit/debit card, please ensure that you have their permission to do so.

  • Abuse of membership - for example, repeated non-attendance to booked classes and failure to pay the fine, deliberate damage to or misuse of equipment, physical or verbal abuse of Aspire Fitness staff, abuse or sharing of membership accounts, and conduct that is commercially detrimental to Aspire Fitness, will result in the immediate termination of membership. No refunds will be given, and any outstanding fees, repair costs and legal fees will be charged to the offending member.

  • Memberships/payment options cannot be transferred to or shared with another person.

  • We do not allow people to share accounts or memberships due to insurance purposes and safeguarding policies. The person attending the class must be the person listed on the account and booking. If a person impersonates another member to use someone else’s membership or account in this way they shall be asked to leave the premises and may be banned from Aspire Fitness Studio.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your membership if at any time:

1. You seriously or repeatedly break these terms and conditions of use, or your membership agreement.

2. You or your guests use rude or abusive language or violent behaviour, or if your behaviour puts other class members or our staff at risk of harm or affects their interests in any way.

  • If we terminate or cancel your membership for any of the reasons listed here, we will not refund any prepaid PAYG or membership payments that you have made.

  • We are not legally obliged to compensate you for any service, facility or item of equipment that is unavailable for reasons of health and safety, or any class that is cancelled for reasons beyond our control.

  • We will not compensate you for loss, damage or personal injury where no negligence on our part can be proven.

  • From time to time, we may take photographs and videos of classes in the studio for marketing purposes on (including but not limited to) leaflets, the website, newsletters and on social media platforms. By booking and attending classes at Aspire Fitness Studio, you consent to these images being collected, however members must inform Aspire Fitness Studio in writing if they wish to opt-out.

Website General Terms & Conditions

  • Aspire Fitness invites you to visit its website. Access to and use of the site is subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein and all applicable laws. Aspire Fitness Studio reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this notice. This is an offer made by Aspire Fitness Studio to you, under which you are invited to browse, peruse and interact with our website for your own personal edification, guidance, information and communication with Aspire Fitness Studio.

  • This offer is expressly conditional on your acceptance of these terms and conditions. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and Aspire Fitness Studio concerning access to the Aspire Fitness Studio and takes precedence over all such existing communications and/or agreements.

  • You acknowledge that, whilst every effort is made to ensure that all information contained in the Aspire Fitness Studio website is accurate and up-to-date, Aspire Fitness Studio makes no warranty as to its accuracy, and you accept that any and all use of information contained on the Aspire Fitness Studio website is at your own risk.

  • Aspire Fitness Studio shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from your access to and/or use of or inability to access and/or use the Aspire Fitness Studio website or any erroneous or omitted information contained on the Aspire Fitness Studio website.

  • You accept that the entire content of the Aspire Fitness Studio website is protected by copyright and that Aspire Fitness Studio is either the proprietor or licensee of all copyright in the material contained therein.

  • Aspire Fitness Studio reserves all its rights as copyright proprietor of the Aspire Fitness Studio website and prohibits without limitation downloading, distribution, exhibition, copying, adaptation, reposting, modification of and dealing in any copyright material contained therein, save as expressly provided herein without the express written authorisation of Aspire Fitness Studio.

  • You are advised that all communications made via the Aspire Fitness Studio website and/or email, including but not limited to competition entries, is strictly on a non-confidential basis and you hereby grant to Aspire Fitness Studio an exclusive perpetual license to use the content of any such communication for any purposes whatsoever.

  • You acknowledge that Aspire Fitness Studio reserves all its rights as proprietor of all its trademarks and logos.

  • You are advised that any and all images of people and/or places and/or events exhibited on the website are lawfully used by Aspire Fitness Studio and that any misuse of these images by you is prohibited. You are further reminded that any such misuse of images may be a violation of copyright law, trade mark law, rights of privacy, publicity and personality, laws of defamation and/or obscenity, communications regulations and other legal provisions.

  • Aspire Fitness Studio reminds you that they police and enforce their rights vigorously to the maximum extent available under the law.

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