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– Isla Davies, joined 25th Aug 2018

Before I started classes I lacked a lot of motivation to exercise as I hadn't really been to any exercise classes before. The aim was to keep fit and give me structure to the week since finishing uni, I had heard about boogie bounce classes and looked to see if there were any in the area, I came across aspire on Facebook. Boogie bounce to me seemed like a none pressurized environment to have fun whilst keeping fit and as it was something new and different, not like going to the gym this appealed to me. The fact all abilities are welcome makes the class even better, Louise is also extremely enthusiastic and encouraging which gives a really positive energy to the room. After the class I feel like I've done something and achieved something for the day. I would recommend aspire because if its diversity and variety, anyone is welcome with any ability and there is no judgement or pressure. Louise gives you the tools and support you need to work towards your fitness goals and the different class options are extremely appealing. I also attended pound classes as well as boogie bounce and thoroughly enjoyed them as they work different parts of your body without using intense weights and in an environment that is fun! Louise is always willing to help you in whatever way she can to further your fitness if you would like which I think is important, her passion for classes and members is what makes aspire what it is.

Before joining Aspire, I had been struggling with a long-term health issue that had made me feel lethargic, unfit and overweight. After seeking medical advice, I decided to find a class where I could exercise and work towards better health. I am working towards getting fitter and stronger and would like to lose weight at a healthy pace. I found Aspire online and contacted Louise for information. I really like the Aspire classes because I don’t particularly like ‘dance’ classes and prefer the range that are offered here. Health issues prevented me from coming – being ill for nearly 6 years with very low energy levels were a huge struggle for me. It was important for me to start slowly and under the expert advice of Louise, to manage my personal circumstances. I really like POUND classes, great to relieve some stress. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the classes, where we can all feel at ease and work at our own pace - without competition, having a lot of fun and know that we are supporting each other in our efforts. I feel a lot stronger with more stamina. Still trying to solve the weight lose issue that I have, but not as concerned about that as long as I feel better in myself. I would recommend Aspire because the activities offered are varied and progress is achievable. Anyone who comes will feel welcome and supported, and able to work at their own pace but with encouragement and support from Louise.

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– Ali Ussery, joined 20th Nov 2018

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The classes at Aspire have helped me introduce cardio into my weekly routine something I've always struggled with. Each week I can feel myself getting stronger and have been able to build up the stamina to complete a Boogie Bounce class without having a break. I found Aspire through Facebook and noticed some of my friends had checked in here. I liked the ease of booking a class and being able to have a taster session without having to sign up for a membership. All the classes looked interesting and I instantly wanted to try Boogie Bounce as it looked like a lot of fun, which it is! I love that it attracts a variety of people of all ages and levels of fitness, everyone is super supportive of each other. I'd recommend Aspire to anyone and everyone because there will be a class for them plus there's always a positive and friendly atmosphere.

– Kaya Roddrick, joined 19th Jan 2019

Before joining Aspire, I didn’t really have an exercise routine. I had tried all sorts of classes/sports/going to the gym but never really found anything that I really enjoyed or that I would stick at for very long. I hated exercise and saw it as something I had to do rather than something that could be fun. I wanted to keep myself fit and maintain a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. I found out about Aspire through Facebook; I think. Aspire classes are much more fun than running or going to the gym! The reason I didn’t come to Aspire before now was because I didn’t know about them! The classes are something different to anything I had tried in the past and completely different to anything in the area. I keep going to Aspire because I love the friendly people and the positive easy-going vibe. I have been able to find an exercise routine that I really enjoy and that will last. I have increased fitness and I have gained some lovely new friends. I would recommend Aspire to everyone because Aspire provides a fun and easy way to keep fit in a positive friendly environment

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– Ruth Evans, joined 3rd July 2017

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I have been to the Gym, Zumba, yoga and much more , I came across Boogie Bounce on Facebook and looked fab as I injured my foot at the Gym so was perfect as the pressure was minimal on a trampoline, I tried Clubbercise, Boogie Bounce, POUND and more but decided Boogie Bounce Revolution suited me best, I wanted to get fit and lose weight but got bored of other classes, Louise is a fab down to earth bubbly very pleasant teacher, she made me feel welcome she does a range of classes so there is something for everyone the classes change every 8 weeks but the people are soo friendly which is really important, the classes have all ages all shapes and sizes so you don’t feel out of place which is important to me, I would recommend any of Aspires classes as they are fun, enjoyable, easy to book, and don’t ask for a fortune up front and the choices are fab of classes  

– Jennifer Gargan, joined 20th Jan 2019

Before starting with Aspire, I was doing roughly the same kind of exercise, but living in a different area - used to live 30 minutes away from the local gym, and I was always put off by the travel time after work. Main excercise was running and cycling in the forests that were just down the road. After moving, keeping active was hard and also maintaining motivation. I found Aspire online, I did a Google search for local gyms/excercise classes to replace my previous local gym. On the website, there is lots of information of class types and activities done in class and on social media. There is an easy booking/registration process, first class free and walking distance to classes. After looking at the website, it has great descriptions of classes, location, promotion of first class free was effective, so I felt very confident to go. Aspire is a fun environment, great, encouraging instructor with lots of energy, great music, change in routines. Classes have helped to be part of an active routine since moving. I am so pleased Aspire classes are easy to incorporate into the week - great options on class times and good memberships. The main reason I would recommend Aspire is it All! - Such a fun environment, great, encouraging instructor with lots of energy, great music, fun routines. Louise is fab!

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– Zoe Louise, joined 28th Nov 2018

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So, before I started classes I would come home from work, walk the dog and sit for most of the evening. I wanted to feel better about myself and sleep better at nights. I read about Aspire on Facebook. I wanted a class that I could do with my daughters, that they wouldn’t be too embarrassed about being with their mum. Time has always been an issue as I've always taken my girls to their activities and not had time for myself as my husband works away a lot. The opportunity to do something with the girls that wasn't competitive or age defying. I love the loud music that I can sing along to whilst going wrong!! Louise is so encouraging, does the whole class not just stranding instructing!! And its full of energy!! I feel fitter and stronger than before starting classes and sleep better at nights! I'm delighted that my pelvic floor is stronger than I thought!!! And even thou I'm probably the oldest in the class I can keep up, most of the time!! I'd recommend Aspire and Boogie Bounce as its very inclusive, and nobody is judging you. It caters for all ages and abilities. And most importantly makes excercise feel like fun and worth going to, even when its, cold and wet outside!!

– Emma Davies, joined 28th Aug 2018

Before I started at Aspire, life was okay, very lazy when it came to do any exercise, struggling to feel motivated to do things involving walking, working out etc. I had a problem with the way I see myself. The weight I am and my mental and physical state.  I found out about Aspire on Facebook. I’ve been to the gym before, and don’t get me wrong I liked it, but these classes are different. I walk in with a smile on my face and have a smile on my face when I leave. There’s fun to every class which makes you want to come back for more. I wish I could have come sooner but the hours/shifts I work, prevented all that. Aspire has a happy atmosphere, the music is great, and the laughs. I enjoy most about coming to Aspire is the good atmosphere, being able to be myself and not worrying about people staring at me because everyone’s enjoying themselves and focusing on the routines etc. Since coming to classes I am finding myself more motivated. Pushing myself more and more. Feeling happier in myself. I’ve lost weight also, not a lot but it’s something  I thought I would come to one class and then not be able to come back due to being self-conscious, but I love every class. Even if I do leave looking like a pile of sweat  I would recommend Aspire to help anyone that wanted a fun and exciting way of losing weight. It doesn’t just help you physically, it helps you mentally too.


– Courtnie Watson-Nichols, joined 8th Mar 2019